Cold Therapy Reduces Inflamation in Tendons, Ligaments, Connective Tissue and Joints

Keeping your horse sound is an easier job when you use the anti-inflamatory benefits of cold therapy for tendons, ligaments and joints.
ICEHORSE® products provide a dry way to apply cold therapy for your horse.
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Use for prevention or treatment of lameness problems:
Apply ICEHORSE® tendon and hock wraps to your horses legs for daily injury treatment or after work to prevent inflamation. Using cold therapy following strenuous exercise is a proven means of preventing tendon and joint damage in sport horses.

The ICEHORSE® Cold Therapy Deluxe Treatment System is designed to deliver the optimum cold therapy to your equine athlete for either the prevention or treatment of tendon, ligament and joint injuries. The Cold Therapy System is the best natural anti-inflamatory solution you will find for keeping your horse sound.

Uses for treatment of lameness problems:
Apply FIRST+ICE® tendon wraps to reduce inflamation from injuries to tendons, ligaments or connective tissue.
Apply ICEHORSE® hock wraps to reduce inflamation from hock injuries or chronic hock problems.
Apply ICEHORSE® therapy hoof boots to treat inflamation from laminitis or any other inflamatory condition in the hoof.

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